Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the site is still being worked on, while we do this you can have the old one, but now with 1000% less clicking!

Is this site really free?

Yup, it most certainly is.
Why? Because we're nice, just accept it

Why don't you update this site more often?

We are pretty damn lazy. We also have other things to do, so when we get spare time, we think about updating it, when we get spare time and are really bored or want to test something out - that's when it gets updated.

Why don't you provide picture rounds?

Because of copyright issues. We'd have to pay to use the images and we're not going to do that for this site. It's the same with music rounds, we don't provide those either. Neither are particually difficult to make. Again, mail us if you want some advice.

Where do you get your questions from?

Everywhere.. We've put links up to useful question sites, but we don't just do quizzes (and entertainments), there's more to us than that. Part of what else we do is brand awareness so we've modified the spider/crawler that we use for that, but instead of finding everything about x brand it finds quiz questions for us, we're really behind in categorising and uploading them to the database (like 4 million questions behind, it's spreadsheet hell).

Oi you've stolen my questions!

Possibly, apologies if you've been spidered by us and you didn't want to be, you will have been credited (hopefully) - however if you want us to remove your questions then give us the ids of them (look in the source code for something like

td id="xx" title=
to get the ids (xx will be replaced with a number, that's the id), don't just copy and paste the question, we will just ignore it!

Can I use these questions in....

Yes, yes you can.
You can use them for whatever you want, a free quiz, a quiz you get paid for, for surprising that random person at the bus stop with an pointless and yet interesting fact. All we ask is that you remember us in your wills..

I keep seeing "Football" in questions, is that soccer?

No, it's Football, we're English.. If it was American Football (NFL) we'd call it American Football (or Rugby for girls). Soccer is a fictional word.

I want to send you some money.

We're not going to complain, mail us and we'll meet you somewhere for the suitcase exchange (or paypal if it's easier..).

Will you help me write a quiz?

Sure, we'd be happy to do that for you, hell if you are local to us we can even come and compare it for you, however, that schtuff aint free! You have to pay us for that privledge, mail us to have a chat.

I have a charity quiz, will you work for free?


Bit harsh maybe, but sorry, we have to live and pay bills and have beer money and we've already opened up this website which makes it way easy to write a quiz.

Why does this website look boring?

Clean and crisp baby.. Clean and crisp.. It's easy to read, it's quick to load and it works in pretty much everything.

Why doesn't x work on this infernal website?

Probably because it's broken? Or in the case of the "Was this question useful" and "Report this question" buttons - we never got round to do anything more other than make them show, we never bothered to actually make the bit that is of any use.. But hey ho..

Let us know what it is and we'll see if we can fix it (which we will be able to do, we're clever like that).

It doesn't work on such and such a phone!

Change your phone or use a laptop - joking, let us know what the issue is and we'll see if we can fix it.

I have a pub, can you do us a quiz?

Sure we can if you have the ££! Drop us a line and we'll be in touch as soon as!

How much do you charge for a quiz?

It varies really, depends when it is, where it is and what you want? If we're not local we can provide the questions and give you some tips on how to do it.

I want to run my own night can you give me some tips?

Yeah, we're feeling nice.. Make it fun, make it different, make it so that everybody in the place can answer at least 15 - 25% of the questions. No one likes taking part in a quiz that is boring and where they can't answer any questions. Also you need to be firm but fair and expect some heckling, which is great you get to heckle back!

Can I send you some questions?

Sure! It makes our life so much easier. Use the contact page to send it to us!

Yeah this page hasn't helped..

Oh.. If that's the case, then mail us and ask us your question, we'll see what we can do to help :)