How this site works..

This site may look basic and on the front end, it is. It's the backend(s) where the magic really happens. We won't go into too much detail, but basically the clever shizzle is that we wrote a spider that potters around the web finding questions for us. We don't run it too often because it involves a shed load of work for us.

Once it's had it's run around the web, it stores what it finds in a database. Some of this is automatically checked and added to the database, but most of it requires manual checking by us (can you see why we don't run it that often). Once the questions have been checked and the answers verified they get pushed into a MySQL database.

Bored yet?

Then, the front end (this website) reads that database using the magic of code that we've adapted and written. The frontend is written in PHP, the website was based on FatFreeFramework, it's a really lightweight and fairly easy framework to learn and use. You can do the whole MVC thang with it too. That's pulls the questions out and shows them for you, along with doing all the other bits (contact etc).

It's a pretty easy process, but took a helluva long time to write!


6th November 2016

  • Can now vote on how difficult you think a question is.
  • Found an error? You can now report it! (2 clicks, simple).

22nd July 2016

  • Totally rewrote the backend of the website, now uses MVC - 99% of the site is new, improved code
    • Code has been totally rewritten
    • Database has been optimised
    • SQL calls have been streamlined/optimised
    • Links have been made SEO friendly
  • Setup redirects (301) from old site pages, to new site pages (took ages...)
  • Updated this page

12th July 2016

  • Installed a new forum
  • Updated menu links

10th April 2016

  • Total redesign of site (yes, it was done in one long, boring, lonely night)
    • New layout - Way more mobile friendly
    • Added Trufflemonkey branding to top of page
    • Renamed instant quiz page from instant.php to instantquiz.php and redirected (301)
    • Added "Geeky Info" (this) page
  • Updated Bootstrap to latest version
  • Updated Captcha library to latest version
  • Added category icons to Categories table in database (Look on the menu)
  • Removed clicky bits from help/faq page
  • Added Quiz Sumo to links page
  • Changed the available SSL ciphers (nginx)
  • Added stupid Cookie banner, we are now pretty much compliant with UK law