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What 'CT' is pointed and sits between the incisors and molars?
Canine Tooth
What 'GB' is a television set?
Goggle Box
What 'OAM' is a term for 'of great age', like a biblical bloke?
Old As Methuselah
What 'MM' Was The First Ever Person to Sing A James Bond theme?
Matt Munro
What 'GR' was the dancing partner of Fred Astaire?
Ginger Rogers
What 'FTM' means not to shirk the consequences?
Face The Music
What 'BK' is the largest lake in Japan?
Biwa Ko
What 'ITB' means inherited or ingrained?
In The Blood
What 'EC' Is Not The Original But You Can't Tell The Difference
Exact Copy
What 'ROI' is a part of Europe where they still drive on the left?
Republic Of Ireland
What 'PS' means exerting an influence behind the scenes?
Pulling Strings
What 'PH' was attacked by Admiral Yamamoto?
Pearl Harbour
What 'HAS' is the emblem on the national flag of the USSR?
Hammer And Sickle
What 'ID' is the fourth of July?
Independence Day
What 'AAG' is an anti-aircraft weapon?
Ack Ack Gun
What 'MC' is an inflammatory hand-grenade named after a Soviet Commissar, who died in 1986?
Molotov Cocktail
What 'WAW' are terms for the increasing and decreasing of the moon?
Waxing And Waning
What 'PTO' is the slogan used to advertise ITV's teletext?
Page The Oracle
What 'GO' is another name for the North Sea?
German Ocean
What 'CU' is the start of a play in a theatre?
Curtain Up
What 'SO' does something do if it is very notice?able because it is unusual or strange?
Stand Out
What 'PL' is an epic poem by John Milton?
Paradise Lost
What 'CC' is an unmelodious (feline) din?
Cat's Concert
What 'MA' is the world's tallest tree?
Mountain Ash
What 'AP' advised a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?
Alexander Pope
What 'RH' describes someone caught in the act?
Red Handed
What 'LFDM' is a collection of poems by Baudelaire?
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Which 'SC' broke 3 gold world records for running?
Sebastian Coe
What 'RAC' might you be a member of if you own a car?
Royal Automobile Club
What 'DM' is the leader of a marching band?
Drum Major

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