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The film `All The President`s Men` is set around which political scandal?
What rank did the leader of the TV series `The A-Team` reach in the army?
`A Kind Of Magic` and `Hammer To Fall` by Queen are songs on the soundtrack to which 1986 film?
In 1997, what took over from `The Flintstones` as the longest running prime-time animated series?
`The Simpsons`
Which 1974 sequel won six Oscars?
`The Godfather: Part II`
Which singer starred in the film `Desperately Seeking Susan`?
In what film does Tom Hanks star as a boy in a adult body?
In which decade was the film `The Exorcist` originally released?
In the Australian TV series, what type of animal was `Skippy`?
In what film did George Lazenby play James Bond?
`On her majesty`s secret service`
Which television show took place at Wentworth Detention Centre?
`Prisoner: Cell Block H`
Which Quentin Tarantino film won the main prize at the 1994 Cannes film festival?
`Pulp Fiction`
Who supplied the voice of the genie in the 1992 film `Aladdin`?
Robin Williams
Which cartoon show included characters called Thelma and Shaggy?
Scooby Doo
Maverick, Goose, and Iceman are characters in which 1986 film?
`Top Gun`
What is Paddington Bear`s favourite type of sandwiches?
Which 1997 comedy starred Elizabeth Hurley and Mike Myers?
`Austin Powers : Internation Man Of Mystery`
What is Bugs Bunny`s catchphrase?
`What`s Up Doc`
What 1958 film features the songs `Some Enchanted Evening`, `There Is Nothing Like A Dame` and `Happy Talk`?
`South Pacific`
What type of animals were the subject of the 2002 film `Eight Legged Freaks`?
Who played Bonnie and Clyde in the 1967 film?
Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway
Which cartoon character was featured in the short film `Steamboat Willie`?
Mickey Mouse
What 1965 film included the songs `Do-Re-Mi`, `Climb Every Mountain` and `Edelweiss`?
The Sound Of Music
Who played the character of Lord Flasheart who appeared in several episodes of the TV comedy series `Blackadder`?
Rik Mayall
In 1991, Anthony Hopkins won the best actor Oscar for his performance in what film?
`Silence Of The Lambs`
Which quiz show often featured the line `I`ve started so I`ll finish`?
Which Alfred Hitchcock film features a wheelchair bound James Stewart convinced that a neighbour has committed murder?
`Rear Window`
In 1978, who became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Mickey Mouse
What colour are the spots on Mr Blobby?
Who is actress Jamie Lee Curtis` famous mother?
Janet Leigh

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