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Which Is The Only Team In The British Football League That Can Filled In With A Biro
Hull City (Div 1)
What Is The Only Number (Under 100) That Is Alphabetically In Sequence
Is it possible for a man in Scotland to wed his widows sister?
No (as he is dead)
Anagrams: ACED TWIST LOON (Actor)
Clint Eastwood
How many degrees does the Earth rotate every hour
Anagrams: CRIB RIVEN HOOK (Film)
Erin Brokovich
What is at the center of gravity?
The letter V
What three things go up and down, but never move?
Stairs, temperature, and the stock market
Observation: In The TV Show Dangermouse, Dangermouse Wears An Eye Patch Is It On His Left Or Right Eye
Observation: What 2 #'s don't have letters by them?
What question can a person ask all day long, getting a different answer each time, and yet all the answers were correct.
What time is it?
What comes next in the following sequence 01, 02, 04, 06, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 28, _?
30 (prime numbers less 1)
What Comes Next In The Following Sequence 16, 8, 11, 14, 9, 12, 5, 20, _?
1 (numbers on a dartboard)
The Italian word for 'scratched drawings' is used commonly in English. What is it?
What Letter Comes Next In The Following Sequence J, A, S, O, N, _?
D (July, August, ... December)
Which famous film is the only best picture Oscar winner to contain none of the letters of the word 'movie' in its title?
What is the only English anagram of the word graphically?
What Word Becomes Shorter When You Add 2 Letters To It?
The Word Short
What 3 letter word can go after 'tar' and before 'gent'?
What Connects The Words 'Bolivia, Canada, Dismay, Concertina
All Contain Girls Names
What Is The Only Word In The English Language That Ends With The Letters ' HTH '
Forwards this word means to pack tightly together. Backwards it's a boys name. What is the word?
Cram / Marc
What Connects The Words 'Bolivia, Canada, Dismay, Concertina
All Contain Girls Names
Which American state ends in 3 vowels
What 5 Letter Word Can Precede Orange, Thirsty And Brother?
What kind of nut has no shell?
A doughnut
What is the only word in the English language that has three consecutive sets of double letters?
Bookkeeper / Bookkeeping
What three word phrase describes the following: Einstein, Edison , Newton
Three wise men.
What needs an answer, but doesn't ask a question?
A telephone
What Is The Next Number In The Following Sequence (8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 10)
3 (Numbers 1-10 In Alphabetical Order)

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