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Who had a number one hit single in 2002 with `Round Round`?
What brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink?
In music, which is the lowest male voice?
Which Cliff Richard single was at number one over Christmas in the UK in 1988?
`Mistletoe and Wine`
Which ice cream has been advertised on TV to the tune of `It`s Now Or Never`?
What is Cliff Richard`s real name?
Harry Webb
The Scandanavian pop group Aqua had a hit single about which doctor?
`Dr Jones`
Which pop group took its name from a character in the film `Barbarella`?
Duran Duran
What was the name of The Who`s drummer, who died in 1978?
Keith Moon
In music, how is Gordon Sumner better known?
What famous heavy metal band is named after a medieval torture device?
Iron Maiden
In music, who has sometimes been called the `thin white duke`?
David Bowie
What musical gave Jason Donovan his first starring West End role?
`Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat`
Which band had UK top ten singles with `Jump`, and `Why Can`t This Be Love`?
Van Halen
Which singer`s 1985 autobiography was called `Who`s Sorry Now`?
Connie Francis`
What was the title of Greg Lake`s top ten Christmas hit of 1975?
I Believe In Father Christmas
Which American singer has a backing band called `The E Street Band`?
Bruce Springsteen
Who reached number 7 in the UK charts in 1972 with the single `Layla`?
Derek And The Dominoes
Which band released the 1987 album `Appetite For Destruction`?
Guns `n` Roses
Who is the lead singer with the pop group Madness?
Who had a hit single in the seventies with `I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday`?
In 1997, which song by D-Ream did the Labour Party adopt as the theme tune to their General Election campaign?
`Things Can Only Get Better`
Which famous Chuck Berry song included the name of a classical composer in it`s title?
`Roll Over Beethoven`
Which Travis song includes the line `Is it because I lied when I was seventeen`?
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Who did Ringo Starr replace in the Beatles?
Pete Best
Which song was a hit for both Freddie Mercury and The Platters?
`The Great Pretender`
Which female singer had the bestselling album in the UK in 1999 called `Come On Over`?
Shania Twain
What was the name of the novelty song that Spitting Image took to number one in 1986?
`The Chicken Song`
Gwen Stefani is the lead singer with which band?
No Doubt
Which band had top ten hits in the 1960s with `Don`t Let Me Be Misunderstood` and `We Gotta Get Out Of This Place`?
The Animals

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