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By what name is singer Paul Hewson better known?
Who was the lead singer in The Police?
How many strings are on a violin?
Who was Elton John`s `Candle in the Wind` originally written about?
Marilyn Monroe
Does a record turntable revolve clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Who had a number one in 1960 called `Only The Lonely`?
Roy Orbison
Which group had a hit album in 1977 with `Arrival`?
Who had a number one hit in 1984 with `Hello`?
Lionel Richie
Which band released the album `Dark Side of the Moon`?
Pink Floyd
Who sang for both `The Jam` and `The Style Council`?
Paul Weller
In music, which superstar was jailed in Tokyo in 1980 for drugs possession?
Paul McCartney
Which female singer sang with Take That on the hit song `Relight My Fire`?
What was the nickname of the first Spice Girl to go solo?
Ginger Spice
Who had hits with `Hot In The City` and `White Wedding`?
Billy Idol
How many strings are there on a normal a bass guitar?
Which band had a number one hit with `Barbie Girl`?
Which band had a UK number one hit single with `I`m A Believer` in 1967?
The Monkees
Geri Halliwell`s single `It`s Raining Men` featured on the soundtrack to what film?
`Bridget Jones` Diary`
Who had hits in the 80s with `It Must Be Love`, `Wings Of A Dove` and `Uncle Sam`?
Who sang the theme song for the Bond film `Goldfinger`?
Shirley Bassey
In 1999, who had her first UK number one with `Genie In A Bottle`?
Christina Aguilera
What was the title of Kylie Minogue`s first UK top 10 single?
`I should be so lucky`
Which singer went solo after having success with the band the Commodores?
Lionel Richie
Which two singers dueted on the song `Dancing In The Streets` in 1985?
David Bowie and Mick Jagger
Who was Britains entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968 with the song `Congratulations`?
Cliff Richard
Which singer is famous for his `moonwalk` dance?
Michael Jackson
How many members were in the band All Saints?
Which Scottish band had a hit album in 1999 with `The Man Who`?
`Your Song` in 1970 was the first American hit by which British artist?
Elton John
Who was the runner-up in ITV`s `Pop Idol` competition in 2002?
Gareth Gates

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