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How many wives did Henry VIII have?
In which month of 1929 did the St Valentines Day massacre take place?
What was the hunchback of Notre Dame`s name?
Which famous person in history rode a horse called Black Bess?
Dick Turpin
What was the first animal to be sent into space?
A dog
Who invented the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
Which of the following occurred most recently? The Iron Age or The Bronze Age?
Iron Age
Which US President was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal?
Richard Nixon
Great Britain declared war on Germany after they invaded which country in 1939?
Whose last words were `Et tu, Brute`?
Julius Caesar`s
According to legend, what type of creature was slain by St George?
Which country was once ruled by Tsars?
In which town did Jesus grow up?
Who in 1961 made the first space flight?
Yuri Gagarin
In which battle was Nelson killed?
The Battle of Trafalgar
What was the President of the USA between 1981 and 1989?
Ronald Reagan
In Greek legend, which King turned everything he touched into gold?
King Midas
Which David Lynch film was based on the life of John Merrick?
`The Elephant Man`
In mytholody, which of the following did Pegasus have that a normal horse wouldn`t? Wings, a Crown or three eyes?
In Greek mythology, who was killed by a poisoned arrow in his heel?
In which century did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?
By what name was the Allied operation against Iraq in the Gulf war of 1991 known?
Desert Storm
What was the first method of transport used to take people into the air?
Hot Air Balloons
Which American President once famously proclaimed `Ich bin ein Berliner`?
John F. Kennedy
Which British monarch was on the throne at the beginning of the 20th Century?
Queen Victoria
Which of Henry VIII`s children reigned in England for 44 years?
Elizabeth I
After which famous person in history was the teddy bear named?
Theodore Roosevelt
Which gangster said `I`ve been accused of every death except the casualty list of the World War`?
Al Capone.
Who was the first President of America?
George Washington
The Battle of Bosworth in 1485 was the last battle of which series of wars?
The Wars Of The Roses

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