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What Traditionally Can You Eat Only When There Is An R In The Month
What is the most widely eaten meat in the world?
In which country was ice cream invented?
True or false - Adolf Hitler would only drink beer produced in Germany?
Where Did Worcester Sauce Originate From
What Is The Hemispherical Pan Used In Chinese Cooking
A Wok
Which Country Is The Source Of Stilton Cheese
What Is 'SPAM' Short For
Spiced Ham
What Type Of Star Is Awarded To Restaurants Where The food Is Of Exceptional Quality
Michelin Star
What Is Feta A Type Of
What alcoholic drink is distilled from pears?
What is the oldest known vegetable
What Does The Term 'A La Carte' Actually Mean?
From The Menu
Often drunk, this liquid is normally harvested from female cows
In Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life What was Mr. Creosote's very last course?
A wafer thin mint
During the reign of Charles the II, what 'black enemy of sleep and copulation' was called a magnet for political dissent by the King and was condemned as a den of dalliance by Puritans?
Coffee houses
From what animal do we get venison
What colour is pistachio nut, often used in ice cream and confectionery?
Light Green
What does the HP stand for in HP sauce?
Houses Of Parliament
Which sweet treat could be found at the Ambassador's parties?
Ferraro Rocher
What Is Ghee
Clarified Butter Used In Asian Cooking
What Do The Initials U.H.T Refer To In Relation To Milk
Ultra Heat Treated
What Is The Oldest Known Vegetable
The Pea (Eart Pea)
What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'Cointreau' ?
True Or False The Caesar Salad Was Actually Named After Julius Caesar
In 1989 in which brand of confectionary did blue replace brown?
What Food Do You Use Up More Calories Eating Than You Gain Through Consumption?
Which vegetable has the most calories?
How Did Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca Get Its Name
Neopolitan For Prostitute (Hot & Spicy)
What is Japanese Drink 'Sake' Made From

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